We offer a range of preventive dental services, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and specialized dental care in a personalized approach that will meet all your needs.

Teeth cleaning and a regular dental checkup ensure you maintain good oral hygiene and a healthy mouth. We perform preventive examinations and screening tests that ensure early detection of possible problems; the sooner we treat a health problem, the easier it is, and therefore less painful and less expensive. Regular visits to our dentists and dental hygienists at Bocarmonie will help you to avoid any serious problems.

Oral hygiene


Treatment for tooth hypersensitivity

Comprehensive and regular examination

Pit and fissure sealants


Do you have aching teeth or a painful jaw? For all teeth, mouth or jaw problems, our dentists welcome you and treat you with care and diligence. From gum grafts to root canals, as well as basic restorations, extractions and orthodontics, we offer services of dental surgery and specialized dentistry for the optimal treatment of most dental and oral problems.

General Dentistry

Oral Surgery



Broken tooth, damaged tooth, lost tooth or stained tooth. Whatever your cosmetic needs are, we offer regular and emergency service for a wide range of aesthetic treatments that will transform your smile.

Fixed prosthesis

Cosmetic dentistry