Do you have aching teeth or a painful jaw? For all teeth, mouth or jaw problems, our dentists welcome you and treat you with care and diligence. From gum grafts to root canals, as well as basic restorations, extractions and orthodontics, we offer services of dental surgery and specialized dentistry for the optimal treatment of most dental and oral problems.

Our curative dentistry services


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    General Dentistry

    General Family Dentistry

    Practice of various oral health treatments for people of all ages, and all conditions, from simple restorations in children and adults, to root canals, crowns and gum grafts, or laser treatment of herpes labialis (cold sores).

    Oral health for children

    Emergency treatment

    Sudden pain, accident, etc. Whatever the reason, our dentists can see you for emergency evaluation and/or treatment during opening hours or by prior agreement.

    Restorations (fillings) using biocompatible materials

    A restoration is the filling of a cavity created by the removal of decay or partial tooth breakage. There are two main choices of materials for fillings: silver-coloured (amalgams) or white (composite), the latter being more aesthetic. We are here to advise and guide you in your choice of filling materials, in order to provide what is best for you.

    Ceramic restorations, incrustations

    An incrustation is manufactured in a laboratory to repair a tooth with a defective filling or cavity. Instead of using the usual filling materials such as amalgam (silver-coloured fillings) or composite (white fillings), it is possible to use a ceramic restoration. It is more durable, stronger, more aesthetic and more comfortable for the gums.

    There are two main types of incrustations:
    Inlays, for a minimal tooth restoration.
    Onlays, for bigger repairs where there was previously a large cavity or a large filling that broke down at least one of the walls of the tooth.

    Inlays, onlays

    Oral Surgery

    Simple and surgical tooth extraction, impacted or not

    After careful evaluation of your mouth and your x-rays, we will be able to reassure you and proceed with the removal of the tooth or teeth in question.

    Wisdom teeth extraction

    Laser frenotomy

    Frenotomy uses a medical laser beam to remove the frenum or membranous muscle attachment of the lingual frenum – the web under the tongue – or the labial frenum – located between the inside of the upper lip and the gums and similarly between the lower lip and gums. This minor surgery may be necessary as part of an orthodontic treatment or to facilitate phonation and swallowing.

    Laser treatment of cold sores (herpes labialis)

    At the first warning of eruption (tingling feeling), phototherapy can help stop the spread of sores and greatly reduce the time of resolution.

    Removal of fibroids

    A fibroid is a benign (non-cancerous) tumour, which develops by abnormal proliferation of fibroblasts. Depending on where the fibroid is located, it can be bothersome and require removal.


    Treatment of gum disease (gingivitis)

    Early detection of gum disease and effective and recognized treatment to help you keep your teeth.

    Gengivitis vs periodontal


    Treatment of bone loss around the teeth (periodontics)

    Untreated gingivitis leads to bone loss around the teeth, called periodontitis. The earlier periodontitis is detected, the easier it is to stop it and treat it.

    Periodontitis affects 7 out of 10 adults, so it is very important to detect it early! At Bocarmonie, we are very careful about this disease, and the whole team is trained to detect and treat it. If neglected, it is a disease that ultimately leads to loss of teeth. Several studies show strong links between periodontitis and other diseases, such as diabetes or, premature birth of underweight babies, to name just a few. Our staff will be happy to take the time to answer your questions on this topic.

    Gum graft

    Minor surgery on gums to protect the root of a loosened tooth and prevent progression, or to increase the width of gums needed to support the bone around the teeth.

    Gum grafts

    Alloderm graft


    Mechanical root canal

    The purpose of this procedure is to clean, disinfect and seal the canal in the root of a tooth. It is thus possible to save a badly damaged tooth or one infected by decay in the tooth nerve. When diagnosed early, most root canals are painless, as the infection or inflammation is only beginning and thus easy to control. Regardless, this treatmenst are performed under local anesthesia.

    Endodontics or rooth canal treatment

    Our other services

    Teeth cleaning and a regular dental checkup ensure you maintain good oral hygiene and a healthy mouth. We perform preventive examinations and screening tests that ensure early detection of possible problems; the sooner we treat a health problem, the easier it is, and therefore less painful and less expensive. Regular visits to our dentists and dental hygienists at Bocarmonie will help you to avoid any serious problems.

    Oral hygiene


    Treatment for tooth hypersensitivity

    Comprehensive and regular examination

    Pit and fissure sealants


    Broken tooth, damaged tooth, lost tooth or stained tooth. Whatever your cosmetic needs are, we offer regular and emergency service for a wide range of aesthetic treatments that will transform your smile.

    Fixed prosthesis

    Cosmetic dentistry